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With Inspire Community Forex you will trade using the most unique trading tool all over the wolrd

No Indicator Signals

Our scanner has no indicator generating the BUY/SELL signals. We use 2 neural scanning systems to read the markets and create a virtual image of them. The scanner reads this virtual image and detects what we call a singularity, an even with no logic or just a paradox

Trade Immediately

Don't worry about the missing experienceThe scanner will do the job and you will just have to copy, ....  It's time to make a change to your trading. Entry and exit of the signals are clear and easy to read for everyone, at any level of competence

Confident Growth

The available teaching material and always Increasing, live sessions and collaboration with our partners aim is to make of you  a successful trader  without needing in the future analysis or signals given b other traders

Feel the power  in your hands

This is a tool that will change your trading activity

A Very New and Unique Strategy without Any Similar

  • The scanner doesn't use any indicator to generate the signals
  • The Admin of Inspire Forex is the only person that knows the strategy in the whole world
  • Big Investors and banks cannot hunt your stop losses as they are anware of the strategy

Easy to understand

  • The confirmed signals come with all the entry and exit levels so you don't need else than to copy them
  • The scanner shows the upcoming signals to give you time to prepare yourself for the trade
  • Our video guides and mentors will explain you every signle detail with a phone call on Telegram

Get Notification when a new signal ha been generated

  • The Telegram notification system will let you leave your pc and receive a notification for new confirmed signals
  • The same system feeds our Premum signal channel on Telegram with up to 7 signals pe day
  • Entry and exit from the signals clear and easy to read for all, despite the level of competence

Get Access Before it is too Late

We haven't got any negative week 

Big Banks and big investors are always searching for new good performing strategies to copy them and use them against the simple trader. A public strategy has an average success history of about 2 years before it gets in the hands of market movers. Our scanner has been launched in July 2020 so it is still new and probably it will last without a losing week as long as it doesn't become visible enought to be cought by their radars. Use this time in your favor before it is too late

Our goal is to  make you a winner

Time to make a change to your trading activity

Learn how to trade from our  Academy

  • Pro Trading Academy- courses and ever-Increasing strategies
  • Professional strategies applied by most expert traders around the world
  • Free Webinar to Inspire Forex Members

See how we use our strategies 

  • Follow our live sessions to understand how we use strategies That are Explained in section Academy
  • Look in detail what markets we choose to setup and why we choose Those markets
  • Get the maximum with one-on-one sessions dedicated to the members IFX

Follow our Premium Signals  and Ideas of the Community

  • Premium Signals up to 1000 pips per month net
  • Distributed via telegram on the trading room in order to not let you miss any setup
  • Entry and exit from the signals clear and easy to read for all, despite the level of competence

Trading Room with no precedent

All it takes for you to learn trades and trading on a single page

Inspire Forex Trading Room
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Quality of signals. Few but good. Also always available for advice and clarification. Finally someone who does not betray.

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Many signals, excellent investment suggestions, and you can leave without large capital!

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reliability and experience .... no courses, no webinar, but trades success ...
cashing you learn ...

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Gianfranco Cioffi

Seriousness and professionalism

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Now change your life

Make of Trading in passive income or a full time job

We are here to help you are trading profitably. Join us and Set your status as "Professional Trader"

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