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Be among the first to use our Singularity Scanner. Launched 4 weeks ago, it has generated an average of 3000 pips/week. The strategy behind the scanner is Unique, illogical, and unknown to anybody in the whole world. Open an account with PaxForex and redeem your Free Month!

What is the Singularity Sca​nner?

The Singularity Scanner is a trading tool, based on Google Sheet, which scans the most important 28 pairs to find singularities and create signals based on their data. The singularities are unexplained events without a rational logic or they just show a paradox.

The purpose of the name is to explain the nature of the strategy that stays behind this scanner. You are used to seeing different scanners online, which make a sum up of the technical indicators and tell you if to buy or sell in a given market. Well, you know the result of those dashboards or scanners.

Inspire Forex Singularity Scanner is simply different.

You will not see nothing related to any indicator. No CCI, EMA, RSI, volume indicator or whatever you have in your mind. The scanner reads the markets based on 2 simple logics. Whenever these 2 logics doesn’t apply to market movement we get a singularity. So, we get the data, elaborate them and produce direction, entry, Tp 1, 2, 3, the Stop Loss To Break Even and Stop loss levels. Then, we publish the signals generated into the scanner as soon as they are confirmed. This is it.

Another very interesting thing of this scanner is the age of the strategy that stays behind. Consider that it is just 3 month old. No big investor or bank knows about it and it is not published anywhere. So before they set their hands in the scanner, you better use this time in your advantage

The result???

Just amazing.Just to give you the example of this week

  • 127 hit at least 1 TP
  • 60 hit SL
  • 11 ended with 0 profit
  • The smallest TP is 50% of the SL
  • The result stays at 3031 pips.
  • Average weekly result is at 2950.

Just like you, I don’t understand either the cause of these singularities but as long as they continue to give me these results, I will spend a lot of time following them. And you know the biggest surprise??? This strategy works on Forex, Indices, Cryptos, Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. Very soon you will be able to try also the Singularity scanners for these other categories. So do you want to give a try???

It is free

How Can I get The Scanner?

To get access to the scanner you can select between 2 options

Open an account with our broker PaxForex

By opening an account with our broker using the form above you will get the possibility to try the scanner for free for 1 or 2 months depending on the first deposit. If you will want to continue you will get up to 100% discount on the monthly fee.

  • Min Deposit 510$
  • Trade 3 Lots
  • Provide a Gmail or Google Suit email address
  • Possibility to get it always for free

Your Broker

Get it by paying the monthly Fee

The scanner monthly cost is 599€/month. Due to the launching period we are giving it with a 50% discount at the price of 299€/month for ever.
With this option you don't have to change broker

  • 50% Discount
  • 75% Accuracy
  • Average RR 1:1.1

What is included in the package?


IFX Singularity Scanner

A Google Sheets based system that continuously scans the most important Forex pairs for singular events and generates unique signals on every event. Up to 3000 pips/week it is the best Forex trading tool actually online

  • 28 Forex Pairs
  • +70% Success Rate
  • Average RR bigger than 1:1.8
  • Notification On New Signals With Telegram

Premium Signals On Telegram

You will get through our channel up to 5 signals per day with a success rate of 75%.  Available for Free as long as you trade with our broker

  • Up to 5 Signals/day
  • 75% Accuracy
  • Average RR 1:1.1

What Happens After The Trial Period?

Automatic additional Discount of 50% on Scanner Subscription

A 50% discount will be applied to all the traders that signed up with our broker and want to continue to use the scanner. The price will be set at 149€/month instead of 299€/month


We are here to help you so,  in addition to the 50% discount, you will be able to pay the scanner monthly fee with the credits you accumulate while trading with our partner broker. Check below how it works

Gain Credit As You Trade

For every Forex Lot you trade with our trusted broker you will gain 5€ of credit**. For example, If you trade 25 lots during the Trial period you will get a credit of 25X5=125€. This means that if you want to continue for the second month, you will have to pay only 24€ to get access to the scanner for another month! If you generate +30 lots on the second month, you will not pay anything to get access for the third month and so on for all the time you will be with us.
**This credit is not withdrawable. It is valid only as a discount amount for the scanner subscription

Start Your Free Trial Immediately

Don't wait anymore. Start your free trial now and get the best scanner actually only. You will trade as a professional without the need of any experience on Forex Markets. It is very easy to use. Just check the scanner for new signals and open them into your MT4 or other platforms

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